5 reasons more people are switching to MAKAN's flexible rental model 💡

1. Flexibility: don't get stuck with furniture

When you buy furniture, it's a long-term commitment. Renting with MAKAN offers unparalleled flexibility, you're not tied down. As your tastes evolve or life circumstances change (like moving in with a partner or welcoming a child), you can return or swap your furniture. Plus, you can always rent-to-own over 24 months, and never pay more than retail price. Our model is tailored for your ever-changing life.

2. Financial aspect: make a smarter choice

Cost of moving is huge in Dubai. And purchasing furniture requires a significant upfront cost. Think of renting as a pay-as-you-live model. Instead of shelling out huge amounts of money at once, you can manage your budget better with MAKAN, with small monthly installments. Rent for instance furniture for a 1-bedroom apartment for AED 990 AED / month. Plus, it's a smarter move:
- If you return the furniture, you’d have only paid for the time you used it
- If you rent-to-own it, you’ll have paid its initial retail price, never more.

3. Convenience: your dream home in a few clicks only

With MAKAN, convenience is key. Say goodbye to assembly woes and transportation logistics. Choose the furniture you love, and we'll ensure it's delivered and set up in your space. If something doesn't fit or suit your taste? No worries, we'll take it back for free and refund you immediately.

4. Easier move out, no hassle no sweat

Ever tried to resell furniture? And spend long hours on classifieds platforms? With MAKAN, moving out becomes a breeze. No need to worry about selling or transporting furniture. We’ll pick up everything, allowing you to move light and hassle-free.

5. Environmental impact: contribute to saving the planet

Did you know furniture is the second global contributor to landfills? At MAKAN, we believe in a sustainable future. Our rental model ensures that each piece gets multiple lives. Returned items are refurbished, made as new again, and given a new life, ensuring minimal waste and promoting a circular economy

How it works

Select Furniture


Select furniture items or bundles curated by our designers



Choose your lease duration -
3, 6 or 12 months

Delivery Truck


Get your items delivered and setup, within 7 days



Return or keep your furniture - If you rent for 24 months, it becomes yours



Huge upfront Cost

Pay All at once

Long-term commitment

Get stuck with furniture

Time-consuming shopping

Long weekends in furniture stores

Environment Impact

Furniture ending up in landfills when moving out


furniture with MAKAN

Payment Ease

Pay in monthly installments

+ rent-to-own over 24 mo


Decide later to return or rent-to-own the furniture


Quick Delivery, easy returns & swaps


Furniture given a second life if returned

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And You?

Michael T.

a month ago

Great experience with Makan, from the selection of the furniture until the delivery and installation. They have been very flexible and accommodating! It´s perfect for us as we are in a temporary accommodation for now and we don’t know what kind of furniture we will need when we’ll move to a permanent one… highly recommend!

Habiba J.

2 months ago

Wonderful concept! MAKAN has created a wonderful room for us, which I can change or return in a year, I love the concept! In addition, the team is super nice and helped me a lot in my selection / delivery.

Khalil H.

7 months ago

Amazing concept! I just moved to Dubai and I am so happy I could rent my furniture from MAKAN, and keep the option to return it if I move out. Top quality furniture, and super fast delivery. Was able to feel home less than 24 hours after moving in. Thanks Reul for being so helpful & reactive! Highly recommended service

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