David Bench

David Bench

Earliest delivery date May 31, 2023

Or pay your lease upfront to get 10% discount. Simply click on the cart to find this option.

  • Free delivery & assembly
  • Flexibility to return or swap
  • Rent-to-own flexibility

  • Free delivery & assembly
  • Hassle free experience
  • Flexibility to sell back your items


If you love something, keep it! After 24 months, the item becauses yours! If you want to own it before, you can just pay the difference between the value of that item and your payments to date.

We deliver, assemble and arrange everything at once, in around 1 week. Once you finalize your order, we will contact you to confirm the delivery slot.

Our items are handpicked by designers, and sourced from premium manufacturers in the UAE, the same that supply well known 5-star hotels.