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We take your privacy seriously. We respect our members and have developed systems to ensure your personal information and online payments are handled with industry standard protections. We will not spam your inbox, sell your information, or share your identity with any other parties. This is our commitment to you.
Now, for the fine print.
MAKAN Furniture Rental values our customers and we respect your privacy and Personal Information, which is information about an identifiable individual (as such term is defined below).

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) describes how MAKAN Furniture Rental treats your Personal Information. The Policy describes the kinds of Personal Information MAKAN Furniture Rental collects about you, why we collect it, how we use it, how we protect it, and under what circumstances we share it with third parties. This Policy also describes the decisions you can make about your Personal Information. You may require us to change, amend or delete the Personal Information that you have provided to us at any time.

The Websitemaycontain links to third parties’ websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of thosewebsites. The Websitemayalsocontain links to terms and conditions and privacypolicies of third party providers whoprovidetools or services on a website. Therefore, pleasereadcarefullyanyprivacypolicies on those links or websitesbeforeeitheragreeing to theirterms or usingthosetools, services or websites.



The terms “you”, “User”, “Service Seeker” and “Service Provider” refer to individualswho use the Website for anypurpose.

In thisPrivacy Policy, “Personal Information” (alsoreferred to as “Personal Data”) meansany information about an identifiable individual, such as yourname, e-mail address, mailing addresses, gender, date of birth, any data about youthatyouelect to provideelectronicallythrough the Website and anyother information that identifies whoyou are. Registration Data (as defined in the Terms of Service) and Personal Information willbeused by MAKAN FurnitureRentalsolely in accordance withtheseTerms of Service.
Unlessweexplainotherwise in this Policy, the words and phrases used in this Policy have the samemeaning as in the Terms of Service. In all instances, for the purposes of interpretingthis Policy, in the event of anyinconsistencybetween the terms or conditions of this Policy and the Terms of Service, the provisions found in the Terms of Service shallprevail.



MAKAN FurnitureRentalisresponsible, to the extentrequired by any applicable laws, for Personal Information underits control, including the transfer of Personal Information to a third party service provider for processing on MAKAN FurnitureRentalbehalf.

What Information Do WeGather?

Whenyousign up for a User Accountthrough the Website, youvoluntarilygive us certain Personal Information as isrequired to identifyyou as a user of this site, for profile purposes, whichmayinclude but shall not belimited to yourname, e-mail address, address, age and mobile phone number. In addition, whenyouvisitourWebsite or contact us, wecollect certain information about youractivity on ourWebsite, as describedbelowunder the heading “Our Use of Cookies and Log Files”.

How We Use YourPersonal Information

We use the Personal Information wecollect about you in order to provideyouwith the Services offered by MAKAN FurnitureRental and youagreethatwemay use yourPersonal Information for the followingpurposes:

  • For the Services offered by MAKAN FurnitureRentalthrough the Website
  • To support anyrequests or inquiries made by you
  • To contact youfrom time to time with user or Service updates
  • To assist you and the User(s) you have done (or have agreed to do) business withthroughMAKAN FurnitureRental Services.
  • To customize, measure, report on and improveour services, content and advertising
  • To learn more about you and yourproductpreferences by looking at the IP address of your computer and youractivity on the Website (amongotherthings)
  • To promote services related to the Website or those of MAKAN FurnitureRental and/or ouraffiliates
  • To prevent, investigate or prosecuteactivitywethinkmaybepotentiallyillegal, unlawful or harmful
  • To enforce ourPrivacy Policy and/or ourTerms or anyotherpurposereferencedherein or therein.


How and Where is Personal Information Processed?

Personal Information willbecollected, processed, stored and used by MAKAN FurnitureRental and maybepassed to and processed by othercompaniesunder the instruction of MAKAN FurnitureRental. YourPersonal Information maybeprocessed and/or storedoutside of the U.A.E.WhileMAKAN FurnitureRentalundertakesmeasures to protectyourPersonal Information, whenitisstored and/or processed in otherjurisdictions, the laws of other countries may not provide the degree of protection for Personal Information thatisavailable in the U.A.E. If yourPersonal Information istransferredoutside of the U.A.E, itmaybeavailable to the foreigngovernment of the country in which the information or entitycontrollingitissituatedunder a lawfulorder made in that country and used for purposesotherthanthosedescribedherein. By providing us withyour information, you are allowingyourPersonal Information to betransferredoutside of the U.A.E.
MAKAN FurnitureRentalmay use Google Analytics to gatherstatistics on web traffic, Website usage and other information on User behaviour. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Alphabet Inc. or itssubsidiaries or relatedcompanies (“Google”). Google maycollect data and utilizesuch data to track or examine a website’s or application’s use, or to prepare reports on a website’s or application’sactivities and sharethemwithother Google services. By using the Website, youagreethatMAKAN FurnitureRentalmayutilize the services describedabove or suchotheranalytic services that Google maymakeavailablefrom time to time. In addition, MAKAN FurnitureRental and itsWebsiteallows for User interaction with social media networks and otherexternal platforms directlyfrom the Website. The interaction and information obtainedissubject to the terms and conditions and privacypolicies of Google and the social media and third-party platforms, respectively.


Sharing Your Personal Information

In accordance withthis Policy, wemayshare information withourfinancial, insurance, legal, accounting or otheradvisorsthatprovideprofessional services to us.
Wewill not disclose, share, sell or rentyourPersonal Information in personally identifiable formwithanythird party, except if, and to the extentnecessary, in our good faithjudgment, doingsoisrequired to: (i) complete the Services offered by MAKAN FurnitureRental; (ii) complywith applicable laws or regulations (iii) respond to a valid subpoena, order, or governmentrequest; (iv) establish or exerciseMAKAN FurnitureRentallegalrights or defendagainstlegal claims; (v) investigate, detect, suppress, prevent or take action regardingillegal or prohibitedactivities, suspectedfraud, or situations involvingpotentialthreats to the reputation or physicalsafety of anyperson; or (vi) as otherwiserequired by law.

Wemayremovepersonalidentifiersfromyour information (suchthatit no longer corresponds to any identifiable individual) and maintain and use it in anonymousformthatmaylaterbecombinedwithother information to generateaggregated information.

WewillretainyourPersonal Information only for a time and to the extentnecessary for the purposes for whichitwascollected as described in this Policy and for reasonable backup, archival, audit, or othersimilarpurposes.

MAKAN FurnitureRental uses a third party service company to process creditcard transactions of Service Seekers, recruiters and otherswho have subscribed to our Services. All creditcard transactions are completedusingsecureelectronicencryption.

Our Use of Cookies and Log Files

We use browser tracking cookies (or “cookies”), which are smalltext files that are placed on the hard disk of a computer by a website. Cookies are uniquelyassigned to you, and can onlyberead by a website or web server thatissued the cookie to you. Wealso use browser “log files” which record certain information whenyouvisit a website, includingyour Internet protocol (IP) address. To improveyourexperienceonourWebsite, we use cookies and logs files to: recognizeyouwhenyou return to ourwebsite; keeptrack of activity on ourWebsite and rememberwhat items you have clicked on or viewed; study how younavigatethroughourwebsite and whichproductsyourequest in site searchessothatwe can improve the design, content and function of ourWebsite; and customize the message, content and delivery of online banner advertisements and e-mails thatreflect how younavigate to and throughourWebsitebased on your online behaviour. We call this “Browsing Data”. Wemayhirethird party service providers to assist us in the collection and analysis of thisBrowsing Data collectedthrough cookies.
You have the ability to accept or declineour use of cookies. You can refuse cookies by turningthem off or blocking them in your Internet browser. If youdecide to turn off or block cookies, ourwebsitemight not functioncorrectly.


Accessing and UpdatingYourPersonal Information

At any time you can contact us to: stop receiving e-mails from us; review the Personal Information held by the Company in connectionwithyouraccount; withdrawyour consent for our use and disclosure of your information; request a list of third parties to whichMAKAN FurnitureRentalmay have providedyourPersonal Information; close youraccount; and amendyourPersonal Information, where possible, by loggingintoyou User Account.
If you contact us to do any of the thingslistedabove, wemayrequireyou to providesufficient information to allow us to identifyyou and tell you about the existence, use and disclosure of yourPersonal Information and thisPersonal Information willonlybeused for thispurpose. If you contact us about yourPersonal Information, wewillrespond to yourrequestwithin a reasonable time and at no cost to you.


Links and Third-Party Websites

Wemayprovide links on ourWebsite to other, third party sites. These sites operateindependently of us and have establishedtheirownprivacy and securitypolicies. AnyPersonal Information youprovide on linked pages or other sites isprovideddirectly to thatthird party and subject to thatthirdparty’sprivacypolicy. Westrongly encourage you to reviewthesepolicies at any site youvisit. This Policy does not apply to suchlinked pages or other sites, and we are not responsible for the content or practices of anylinkedwebsiteswhich are providedsolely for yourconvenience.


Data Integrity and Security

Weaim to provideyouwith a safeexperience. We have in place certain physical, electronic, technological, and organizationalsafeguards to appropriatelyprotect the security and privacy of yourPersonal Information againstloss, theft, and unauthorizedaccess, disclosure, copying use or modification. Please note, however, thatwhilewetry to create a secure and reliable Website for users, the confidentiality of any communication or materialtransmitted to or from the Website or via e-mail cannotbeguaranteed.


Children’s Online Privacy Protection

The Websiteis not intended for use by childrenunder the age of 19 without the consent of their parent or legalguardian. MAKAN FurnitureRentaldoes not knowinglycollect or use anyPersonal Information fromanychildrenunder the age of 13. If webecomeawarethatwe have unknowinglycollectedPersonal Information from a childunder the age of 13, wewillmakecommerciallyreasonable efforts to delete such Personal Information fromourdatabase.



Changes to the Privacy Policy

MAKAN FurnitureRentalreserves the right to make changes to thisPrivacy Policy at any time by giving notice to itsUsers on this page, and by ensuringanalogous protection of the Personal Information in all cases. It isstronglyrecommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the top of the page.



It is important thatyoukeepyour email address and password information secure and thatyou not shareitwithanyone, in order to safeguardyourPersonal Information on ourWebsite.

There are occasionallyfraudulent “phishing” emails targetingindividualswho the perpetratorsbelievemightberegisteredusers of the Website. Weneversend an email whichrequestsusers to visit a web page or place a call and providetheir email address, password or anyPersonal Information. Wewillneveraskyou to confirmyour user ID or password via email. If youeverreceivesuch an email, do not log in fromanyreferredlink and do not provideanyPersonal Information.

Wework to protect the security of creditcard information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, whichencrypts information you input. We do not revealcreditcardnumberswhenconfirming an order.


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